September 2016 Newsletter:

Possible Conversations - Something to Talk About!

by Anita Dahlstrom, ACC-ICF

Shifting from a Culture of One to a Culture of We

Very often, the lack of success in achieving goals and delivering consistently upon a mission comes from a culture of ONE versus a culture of WE. This ONENESS springs from leadership failure which arises from a lack of empathy, healthy self-regard, inspiration, curiosity, and open-mindedness that, in turn, is reflected in the words and actions - the culture - of the people in a company, and in particular, the company's leaders.

What questions can you ask to measure the effect your company's culture is having on your people's engagement with the goals and mission?  

Ask yourself the following:

  1. Are our leaders and managers consistently seeking the opinions and ideas of others on the team, and then considering what they hear before making final decisions?
  2. Is it safe for people not in positions of power (management) to speak up when they have something important or an opinion to share?
  3. Is information freely shared with people across the organization, empowering them to act in ways aligned with the mission and goals?

If the answers to these 3 questions are a resounding "YES!" then congratulations! Your organization's culture creates ongoing opportunities for new ideas, shared knowledge and results achievement. Taking the time to listen and to engage is the sign of a generous leader. Generous? Nothing speaks to others more loudly than the generosity of a leader. Generosity of time, attention, and resources by a leader is priceless and destroys the ONEness of greed - my way or the highway- words and action.

If any of the answers are a "NO" or "Not consistently," your organization is building a lack of "knowledge sharing and creativity" that will at some point create apathy, siloed work groups, and mediocre results - all which place you at a higher risk of failure in achieving your goals through your mission.

Our potential for success resides in questions we either fail to ask ourselves

or fail to honestly answer. 


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