January 1, 2017

Time: The Great Equalizer

Reflecting back on the 525,600 minutes of 2016, how many were spent intentionally moving forward towards your dreams? Your goals?

Authenticity, or being in integrity with ourselves is an inside job, an energy living inside of us that allows us to be the best version of ourselves. To be influential and inspiring to others. To consistently make choices that move us forward. To make the world a better place.

Gathering that energy and creating the life and organization we want is intentional.

And it begins within you.

Get out your journal. A piece of paper. Have a conversation with yourself. Consider my top 5 list as you plan your 2017:

1. Spotlight yourself, know yourself – Authentic leaders know their strengths, their weaknesses, their passion and their dreams. We know what inspires us. And what triggers anxiety or fear or poor self-leadership within us.  Spotlight your life purpose - what is the essence of who you are? How do you express that every day in what you do? What is the legacy you wish to leave for others? For your organization? For the world? 

2. Tune into your values -  If we say it, we do it! In life and leadership, we will face moments when we need to make difficult choices. Our choices signal the truth of our talk, of our walk, of our authenticity. We'll be trusted when we share and live our values and use them to guide our daily actions and decisions.  What matters most to you? What is core and non-negotiable to being true to yourself? Does your organization share your values? Does your inner circle?

3. Align your motivations and intentions, your thinking, feeling and talking  - Our motivations in life and work are the compass to achieving our dream, and to influencing and inspiring others to share that dream in the work that we do. What drives you to commit your energy and time to achieve your goals? Do you share your intentions, from the heart? How do you schedule reflection time daily to allow your intuition and heart to guide you, and your mind, to what is real and most important?

4. Connect, don't just communicate -  We celebrate the wins. We seek to understand the minds and hearts of others. We communicate both great and not so great news from the heart, not just the mind, consistently. How do you create an environment of mutual respect and mutual purpose? Where it's safe to have a difference of opinion? How do you communicate openly and transparently, engaging the participation of others to move forward?  

5. Add value to others, every day - We need to tune into others' dreams, thoughts and feelings. We look for ways to care. To lift others up. This is how we connect in ways above and beyond simple communication.

To add value, we get a resounding yes to these three questions - in each and every interaction we have with others: 

  1. Do you care about me?
  2. Will you help me?
  3. Can I trust you?


So, I suggest that the key to achieving our dreams and goals, and to being an authentic leader who influences and inspires others, is to start within ourselves. It is an inside job.

And the sooner we believe that, the faster we will live it. Let your vision, your inside energy, your force, carry you forward in 2017 to make the changes you may not have believed were possible, just a moment ago.

What one action will you commit to in each of these 5 areas to have an intentional 2017?





Thank you for being part of my network.

Anita , wishing you a prosperous, healthy and intentional 2017!