Well, that was fast. The first month of the 2018 is already over!

Have you set your goals for year? Have you aligned your team with your vision? How about your personal resolutions? Or better yet, are you focused on being Goal Oriented or Growth Oriented? 

The New Year brings a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm that is unlike any other time of year.

We wholeheartedly believe we can do anything, we just needed Jan. 1 to roll by so that we could make it official. YAY us!

Yet, research tells us that 80% of people give up on their new year's "resolutions" by mid-February. 

 It makes me curious, why is January the month we set our "resolutions?"

Why have many of us already quit by February? 

Right? I mean can't we make a brand new start on any other random day like, say March 23rd?  

What is it with January 1st that has us all up in goal-setting arms like we've been released from boot camp?

Not sure. But, I do know this. The new year is as good a time as any to get our motivation back on track. And, if like many others you've already lost focus or quit by the time you receive this newsletter – today matters, and is as good as any day to get intentional about your 2018. It's NOT too late!

 But WAIT! What if you set "Intentions" instead of "Resolutions?"

Why set an intention over a resolution? In "The Power of Intention," Wayne Dyer defines intention as “a strong purpose or aim, accompanied by a determination to produce a desired result.” An intention is something you aim to achieve, something that has a purpose, something that you actively work to manifest in your life.

Hmmm, so what is the difference between my making a resolution to go to gym 3-4 times a week (that was my resolizon last year, too!), and setting the intention to live a healthier lifestyle?

A lot. The resolution to go to the gym is a command and I either do it or I don't. If I make it to the gym, yay for me! And if I don't, I may beat myself up over my inability to maintain my resolution, or say "I don't have time" and give up on the idea - leading to negative thinking and not sticking to the resolution.

The intention to live a healthier lifestyle gives me choices beyond just going to the gym – I live the intention in each moment in a variety of ways. I can feed my intention and watch it grow. The actions I choose to take are filtered by my decision to intentionally live into a healthier lifestyle. I'm not bound by rigid resolutions, instead I can creatively feed my healthy life intentions in ways beyond merely going to a gym. 

So, I encourage you to drop that “R” word from your vocabulary, and set an Intention. What future will you create in 2018?

  • Is it health? Pursuing a vibrant and healthy life via eating better or working out.
  • Is it money? Living a more abundant life via better saving strategies or less extravagant spending habits.
  • Is it relationships? Connecting deeper with people to create memories that matter.
  • Is it career or business? Wanting to achieve outcomes beyond your current results.
  • Is it self-growth? Choosing a leadership development plan to take you closer to your untapped potential?
  • Is it building a high performing team? Creating connections and shared vision on the path to victory?


Whatever the New Year means to you, I love that it implies infinite potential in most any area of your life. 

  • Leadership is Influence, nothing more and nothing less. What goal have you set for yourself as a Leader? A leader of your life. A leader of others. A person of influence.
  • Is there something you're doing that needs a tweak? Perhaps it's a behavior or action you wish you'd stop, or need to do more of?
  • NOW is a great time to finesse how you show up in your life, and as a leader. 

My clients have set awesome intentions, such as:

  • Connect with others, intentionally: Commit to taking a co-worker to coffee/lunch 1x a week
  • Add value to others everyday, intentionally:  Identify ways to increase workplace community, collaboration, connection, influence & overall just by being a nice person who cares and helps others
  • Stop managing time and start managing priorities, intentionally:  so I can focus on what matters most to engage with my team and achieve bigger and better results 
  • Schedule thinking time, intentionally:  Identify a space and time every day to reflect - new ideas will appear from this space
  • Be creative in problem solving, intentionally:  Know there is 1) Always an answer, and 2) More than one answer 
  • Develop my team's potential, intentionally: Be religious with employee 1-on-1's to set clear goals, grow my team, connect personally with each employee and grow the business together 
  • Be growth oriented, not goal oriented, intentionally: Fail forward and learn, as we grow we'll be real goal-getters! 


Live into 2018, Intentionally!

Friends, no matter if it's January 1st, February 3rd, or April 10th, any day of the year gives you the opportunity to grow, add value, and develop  yourself and others, daily.  

This just might be the easiest intention to set this year:

Grow just a little bit every day and

make every day better than the previous day. 



Always believe in better, 


p.s. If you'd like to intentionally make 2018 your best year ever, let's talk about some really fun and engaging leadership games and workshops that will inspire you and your teams.  Just hit reply and I'll fill you in.