Happy May!

This month's newsletter is a little different from our leadership topics. It's focus is on the use of Leadership Assessment tools as part of your leadership and organizational growth priorities.

A frequent question we receive is "what type of assessment tools do you offer?"

And the answer is always, "What is the goal you want to accomplish in your organization?"  

The answer to that question helps us navigate you towards a tool that most fits your leadership and organizational growth needs!

This month I'd like to share with you information about and the uses of the various types of leadership assessments we use with our clients to increase the achievement of business goals through the development of their leaders.

Why Assessments?

Assessments are the perfect starting point for an individual to increase self-awareness and other-awareness. Assessments jumpstart the leadership development process. With that being said, we like to think of the assessment as the "wand" - the conversation starter, and our conversation as the "wizard." It's not the wand, but the wizard...it's how you use the information you gain to grow your influence – personally and professionally.


"You still don't get it, Riddle, do you? Possessing the wand isn't enough! Holding it,using it, doesn't really make it yours. Didn't you listen to Ollivander? The wand chooses the wizard..."

—Harry Potter on wand ownership


Who are you?

What is your preferred ways of thinking, being and doing?


Being an influential person and leader requires an ability to connect with others, in a way that influences them to move forward toward shared vision and goals. And connecting, really connecting with others, requires us to understand their needs and to speak their language. To understand who we are, and our preferred ways of thinking, being and doing.

First, we must understand ourselves and then embrace that every person brings a unique combination of their life experience, knowledge, skills, and personality traits to the conversation. That's where influence begins.

One of the first tenets of influential leadership is strong self-awareness. What makes us tick? Certainly our knowledge, skills and experience. Underneath that is the way we view the world and the preferences we have for getting things done - our behavioral styles, thinking patterns, communication styles and more.

So which assessment should you choose?

There are a plethora of leadership and personality behavioral assessments in the marketplace. Choosing an effective assessment practitioner and the most relevant tool based on your desired outcome is essential. 

In order to not give you "information overload," please access our white paper by clicking here. In this paper we've outlined the benefits and values of the various assessments we recommend. 

We are certified to offer a multitude of top in class validated assessments from the top assessment companies in the world.

Each assessment uniquely addresses various leadership or personal and professional development needs.



I do want to tell you about our newest toy, I mean tool! Possible Conversations is among a select handful of coaching and training companies certified by the world's #1 Leadership Expert, John C. Maxwell, to offer the Maxwell Method of Sales and the Maxwell Method of Communication Impact Reports.

These DISC based personality style reports are designed to increase one's influence in any situation - impacting the ability to connect with  and influence others.  


Whether you are new to selling or a seasoned sales veteran, the Maxwell Sales Impact Report & Workshop will undoubtedly guide you to impactful results. This report helps you discover your selling style and ways to maximize it. It also offers awareness of the various buying styles of your clients. If you sell any product, service, or a combination thereof, this report will equip you and your team to:


I've had the opportunity to work with a few organizations using both the Sales Impact and the Communication Impact report and accompanying workshop, and they highly recommend it as a value-added learning and growth session.

I rarely use this newsletter to talk about my workshops and programs, but I'm super excited about this and wanted you to know!

More about the Sales Impact Report in this video. Click the picture below to view!


In Closing

We'd welcome the opportunity to speak with you about the power of assessments as a starting point in the co-creation of your organization's leadership journey. And, in creating possible conversations that do more than communicate – conversations that connect and influence!

Please feel free to check us out at www.PossibleConversations.com and drop us a line to schedule a conversation about the possibilities to impact you and your team's growth!

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Remember it's not the wand, it's the wizard.
Let us bring out the wizard in you! 
Check out our white paper here!