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Jessica Grant

Enterprise IT Business Analyst 

I had the opportunity to have Anita as my coach through the NEW Rising Stars program in 2020. Although 2020 was a challenging year for all of us and it was a virtual event, Anita made it easier to navigate through all things career development. I highly recommend her as a Leadership trainer/ coach because she is able to provide insight and tools to use to ignite the inner-leader in the people she works with. She was also able to ask probing questions to get you to think differently about a situation or scenario, which is so helpful!. I really enjoyed my experience with Anita and looks forward to future opportunities.

April 28, 2021, Jessica was a client of Anita’s

Edward Carey

Owner, Restaurant

Anita Dahlstrom has been one of the most positive influences in both my career and personal development. Anita’s incredible coaching style matched with her laser like focus and attention on her client produces seriously effective change for the better. I consider myself extremely lucky to have her wisdom on my journey.

December 14, 2018, Edward was a client of Anita’s

Christine Boule

Client Insights Principal

I didn't realize how much impact Anita had on me initially, but over time the value of her coaching has really emerged. First, I am in a new role that I am really excited about, and I would not be here if I hadn't taken the time to consider where I want to be, why I deserve to be there, and how I was going to make it happen. Anita found a great balance of listening, encouraging, and challenging as we worked through the exercises. Moving forward, I've already identified the kind of role I want my next move to be, and I'm working on the steps I need to go through to get there. I cannot thank Anita enough for her coaching over the past 6 months!

October 4, 2018, Christine was a client of Anita’s

Mara New

Vice-President Sales & Development

My work with Anita has been incredibly inspiring and has helped me to be a better leader and strategic thinker. Anita has a way of taking your thoughts and re-framing them for you that creates unbelievable awareness and visibility into opportunities for growth. I have learned more about myself in a year of working with Anita than I would have ever thought possible. My work with her is interesting, rewarding, and it makes me stronger every step of the way. Every session brings new insight and a sense of possibility. I would recommend her as a coach for any executive looking to evolve and grow. She's phenomenal.

March 12, 2018, Mara was a client of Anita’s

Ray Ingrassia

Senior FP&A, Strategy and Supply Chain Executive

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Anita both as a corporate executive and as an executive coach. Anita has the unique ability to quickly diagnose and evaluate an organization and bring focus on the core issues. With her extensive cross-functional background, she can effectively collaborate with any management group to find the right solutions to overcome any...more

November 2, 2016, Ray worked with Anita at Possible Conversations, LLC

Jim Moody

Director of Real Estate Services at Integrity Law, P.A.

Being, mostly, a practical, material, return-on-investment, kind of guy, I often look askance at the idea of coaching, counseling, structured introspection, and the like. I always look for the end result, value, especially when choosing to spend my time and energy, which is in demand and pulled in a hundred different directions. 

That said, I can't recommend Anita...more

July 2, 2016, Jim was Anita's client

Nancy Curtis

Consultant for IT and Business Transformation

I've know Anita since grad school, and when she began Possible Conversations I know she was the right person to help me clarify and accomplish critical personal and professional changes. Anita's skills are impressive, but it's her own emotional intelligence that makes her so effective as an executive/life/leadership coach. Call her, you'll be happy for the conversation!

May 20, 2016, Nancy was Anita's client

Jennifer Taylor Arnold

Principal at JTA Communications

Anita has been invaluable to our agency as a pro-bono consultant and now, as a board member. She led an extremely diverse group in a very productive values and vision process, and led the board through an extensive nation-wide search for our agency's next president. I also have the honor to be a part of one of Anita's Mastermind groups. Anita is a skilled facilitator and...more

May 2, 2016, Jennifer worked with Anita at Possible Conversations, LLC

Dr. Patricia (Pat) Baxter, Ed.D, MS, CSA, CEIC

Coaching New Emerging Leaders● Advancing Women in the Workplace●Conference Speaker● Workshop/Retreat Leader● Author

It’s rare that you come across a Ieader-coach as committed to your success as Anita. I had never worked for her but as soon as we met, I just knew I had to get on her team! Few people have the opportunity to work for a leader who is as bright, insightful and values talent as much as she does. When you work with her, you are in the company of someone who is generous with...more

February 21, 2016, Dr. Patricia (Pat) was with another company when working with Anita at Possible Conversations, LLC


Bill Brim

CEO, Non-Profit Social Services

It has been an absolute delight to work with Anita. Her expertise and methodical approach enabled her to lead the effort to develop Mission, Vision and Core Values that accurately reflect Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida. In a short period of time, her hands-on coaching approach empowered us to clearly articulate who we are today and visualize who we want to...more

December 8, 2015, Bill was Anita's client

R. Joshua Whitton

Chief Marketing Officer, Grocery | Drug | Pharmacy | Health & Wellness

I've had the opportunity of knowing Anita for the last five years. From the time I first met her, I immediately understood her dynamic approach to talent management. Since that time, I've reached out to Anita on several occasions for career coaching and guidance. She listens, She's wise. And, she provides thoughtful insight.

January 18, 2016, R. Joshua was with another company when working with Anita at Possible Conversations, LLC


Cathy Heffernan

Service oriented support professional

Anita and I worked together to help me define future endeavors. She provided gentle direction and insightful instruction while still making me feel like I was leading the effort. Looking for a great coach? You’ll find one in Anita Dahlstrom. 

Cathy Heffernan, Ph.D.

July 20, 2015, Cathy was Anita's client

Kasey Guenther

MSW and Non-Profit Manager

Anita has been such a valuable asset to Lutheran Social Services on N.E. FL! Her dynamic coaching and meeting facilitation skills have helped us create a solid vision statement and core values for our company as well as bring together non-profit community leaders to cultivate a jump start of support for one of our programs in need. Through her Masterminds Leadership...more

May 2, 2016, Kasey was Anita's client

Florence Haridan

Executive Director at Character Counts! in Jacksonville

Anita Dahlstrom is a leader's leader. She has the capacity to see holistically, with the right balance of the finer details. Be it working with an individual or organization, she tunes in to key issues with graceful agility. 

Her vast experience in the world of business development and human resources is inspired by her expertise in emotional intelligence. Anita's...more

July 17, 2015, Florence was with another company when working with Anita at Possible Conversations, LLC

Debby Raton

Supply Chain / Purchasing & Analytics

Anita has been an excellent mentor and coach to me for several years. Her ability to assess a situation and provide valued insights has enable me to become a stronger leader and achieve success in my career. Her broad business knowledge and ranges of experiences enable Anita to provide in-depth perspective which challenges me to elevate my strategic thinking, executive...more

August 19, 2015, Debby was Anita's client